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Monday, March 21, 2011

DVD - Red Riding - 1983 (Part 3 of the Red Riding Trilogy)

1983 closes out the Red Riding Trilogy in the best way. We pick up with a new character, John Piggot (Mark Addy), a lawyer who is hired to appeal the case of Michael Myshkin (Daniel Mays), the minor character in 1974 that is convicted of murder. Myshkin is mentally disabled, and was obviously used as a patsy to cover up the Yorkshire polices corruption, and the "bad habits" of Bob Craven, the business mogul and child molester from 1974. Piggot delves deep when another child is kidnapped, and this time an officer, Jobson, who destroyed evidence and murdered people in 1974, moves forward to help solve the case and try to redeem himself.

1983 is a fantastic full circle film, and allows the trilogy to be wrapped up in a meaningful way, unlike other contemporary trilogy's like The Matrix. All of the Red Riding films were shot simultaneously, so the actors were allowed to stay in their characters headspace, which, I think, was the most important part of this whole exercise. Like Lord of the Ring's, there was no break for them to walk away and catch their breath, and their ruthlessness, or gentleness, or love, or pure evil shines through from film to film. Red Riding is both harsh and redemptive at the same time, and, simply, one of the best series of films I've ever seen.

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