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Friday, March 18, 2011

DVD - Red Riding - 1980 (Part 2 Of The Red Riding Trilogy)

Red Riding - 1980 takes place a full six years after the events of Red Riding - 1974, and centers around a different series of murders, but interweaves itself into the same story about the corruption in the Yorkshire Police department. In this film, Paddy Considine is Peter Hunter, an investigator brought in to head up a inquiry into a serial killer case. Some of the offenders from the previous film are still present - Molloy, Douglas, Craven, The Priest, and BJ (all from the previous film). Hunter builds up a team to really dig into the murders, which includes a "liaison" to the Yorkshire police in Craven, the willowy cop who, along with Douglas, tortured Andrew Garfield's Dunford in the first film. As the team digs deeper, they find one woman who doesn't fit the bill as someone murdered by the Yorkshire Ripper, and hands are pointing towards the Yorkshire police themselves. The deeper the team digs, the more someone is pushing back. Will Hunter and his team be able to stick it through to the end?

Red Riding - 1980 is one of the best "sequels" I've seen in a long time. The fact that it is not just a retread of the original, but a new film built off of the same skeleton, and weaving in the police corruption of the first one, makes you feel like you're watching a completely different story, but a continuation all at the same time. 1980 is different in its visual style than 1974 as the film had a new director and new cinematographer. Paddy Considine is solid as usual, as well as the rest of the cast. There's not really anything you can complain about here. Can't wait to see the final film in the trilogy, 1983.

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