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Monday, October 24, 2011

Mission Statement

If you've come here, and you're wondering what this blog is all about, who this guy is, and why he thinks he can write what he writes, here you go -

How this blog came to be - I used to work at a video game company, and, when it was time to leave, a co-worker of mine (who had similar taste in films) told me that I should start a blog so that she could check it and see what I was watching and what I thought about it. This way we could continue the discussions that we so often would have on the films and tv that we watched.

Who I am - I am a Watkins Film School graduate, working in the industry, and watching as much as I can, when I can. I don't get to see everything I'd like, but a lot of what I do see, I take some sort of inspiration away from.

Why do I review films on this blog? - Put simply, I do it as a record of what I saw and what my opinions of it were.

Why do I feel I have the right to pass judgement (aka review) other people's work? - Put simply, I'm not a reviewer or a critic. Like I said before, I do this blog to record my own thoughts and feelings about what I watch. I encourage everyone out there to watch films themselves and make their own informed opinion. My blog does not exist to tell you what to watch and what not to watch. It just exists as part of the conversation. Everyone has different tastes. Don't watch or not watch something simply because a critic said it was good or bad. If a critic who's taste you highly respect say's something is awful, and you question the idea of wanting to see it, then don't. If they say it's amazing, and you weren't excited about it, maybe check it out. It might surprise you.

You post shorts and documentaries, why not music video's? - There's a lot of music video's out there. Some are good, a lot of them are bad. But, ultimately, I feel like if you like music, you're going to see these video's anyway. I try to post the stuff that you might not see. The stuff that I, maybe, came to on Vimeo by accident or through someone else, and I think is really cool. Hopefully, you will too.

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