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Friday, November 7, 2014

Where you can find me

It has been quite some time since I posted on here (only a few months short of a year), and, while I'm not even sure if anyone actually reads this site anymore, I just wanted to let you know that I am now keeping track of my movie watching on Letterboxd. You can find my profile here. I am, also, still blogging, and you can find my tumblr here. I might continue to update this blog, as I see fit, and will definitely keep it up for the time being.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Steve McQueen dialogue with Stuart Comer

 A great, and lengthy, discussion with Steve McQueen about his body of work up to 12 Years A Slave.

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford

5 out of 5 Stars

I've seen this before, several times, on DVD and Blu-Ray, but I got a chance to go to a special screening of the film with director Andrew Dominik and Cinematographer Roger Deakins in attendance. They had a fantastic Q&A after the film. This movie is absolutely amazing. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Robocop (2014)

2.5 out of 5 stars.

I'm not against a well made remake, and this one has some great bells and whistles, but it ultimately falls short. The original is still as valid and groundbreaking today as it was almost thirty years ago. This one just feels like a slick, and somewhat forgettable, sci-fi movie.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

2 out of 5 stars

This film had some good action sequences, but the rest of it felt like Branagh was trying to make some penultimate MOVIE, which kind of made everything feel really cliche.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Stewart Schuster's "Alivia"

Alivia from Stewart Schuster on Vimeo.

I realized, looking over the blog, that I never posted my own film! We shot this February of 2013, in Seattle, but because of work, a move, and various complications, it wasn't completed until June of 2013. I'm very happy with how it came out, and it has amassed over two thousand views on Vimeo alone (with very little publicity).

Brian McGinn's "The Record Breaker"

The Record Breaker from Brian McGinn on Vimeo.

Dark Rye's "An Undertaking"

An Undertaking from Dark Rye on Vimeo.

Checking In

Haven't been on here for a while. Sorry about that. Will be updating as time allows. Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My favorites of 2013

This is a list of my favorite films I saw, theatrically, in 2013. These are only films I saw in the theater. The first grouping represents as close to a "top films" list as I probably get with Short Term 12 definitely being my favorite film of the year. It is an amazingly, heartbreakingly beautiful film that is that rare thing that truly touches at a lot of what humanity is deep down, and the needs we all have for love and community. Rust and Bone is another heartbreakingly beautiful film, and is easily one of Marion Cotillard's greatest performances (so far). Mud is writer/director Jeff Nichols' meditation on romantic love, and has been one of THREE performances that Matthew McConaughey knocks out of the park this year (all of which are on this list). Don Jon is a hilarious and strikingly poignant look at sex and relationships, The Place Beyond The Pines is a rare feat of filmmaking that covers multiple generations of family and explores the sins of the father and their consequences for the family. Before Midnight, for those of you who have seen the other two films in the "Before" series, is a romantic, but very real, continuation of one of cinema's great (modern) love stories, and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is a revelatory film about the very condition of the world, as it stands, right now.

These are just my favorites for the year. Please understand that you may not like everything on this list, and that is perfectly okay. We all like different stuff. 

Rust and Bone (technically 2012) -
The Place Beyond The Pines -
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire -

The Impossible (might be 2012?) -
The Wolf of Wall Street -