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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Matthias Grunsky Discusses Using A 1970's Sony Tube Camera For Andrew Bujalski's Computer Chess

Matthias Grunsky, the cinematographer for all of Andrew Bujalski's films, including his newest piece Computer Chess, made the above video, and also wrote a blog post detailing his work with the Sony AVC-3260, a 1970's era tube based video camera that was used to shoot the entire film. Both are interesting, especially for techies. A few years back, I had the idea to shoot my script, The Definers, on one of these cameras, as opposed to shooting it on Super 8, as I had originally planned. Realizing, now, that they had to have an electrical engineer come in and modify the cameras... I might just stick with Super 8, if I ever get to make it.

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