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Thursday, February 7, 2013

DVD - Jiro Dreams Of Sushi

David Gelb's Jiro Dreams Of Sushi is an inspirational documentary about one mans dedication to his craft, in this case being a Sushi chef. Jiro, alongside his oldest son and a host of apprentices, operates a small Sushi restaurant which, because of the reputation it has built up over decades, has a month long waiting list, and charges upwards of three hundred dollars per meal. The point of the film, however, is not that this man has built a business which, by its nature, is exclusive, but that his dedication, hard work, and energy have brought him success and freedom, which, even though he is Japanese, sounds like the American dream.

This is a must watch, and probably one that could use to be watched again and again (especially if you need a little job related pick me up).

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