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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Room

Tommy Wiseau's The Room is legendary. I remember when I first moved out to LA, there was a billboard for the movie on Highland, near where I lived. I always meant to go see it at the Sunset 5, where they had monthly midnight screenings, but, unfortunately, took it for granted and now Sunset 5 is no more. Well, I got the chance to see it at the Belcourt theater in Nashville, and, while the film lives up to its atrocious pedigree, the experience of see it with an audience is what truly made the whole thing worth it. I definitely do not recommend renting this movie and watching it by yourself. Wait for a screening and go to that. It seems like every screening I've ever heard of has people in attendance who are well aware of all of the standard Room jokes, and the audience participation is what will take this film into the "bearable" territory.

If you do plan to go to a screening, The Onion's AV Club has put together this handy guide to all of the crowd participation stuff.

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