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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kill List

Kill List has been blowing up the blogosphere, and I finally got a chance to see it. The film centers around two friends, Jay and Gal, who are partners in the assassination business. Ex soldiers who know how to do little but kill, Gal brings a job opportunity to Jay, who has fallen on hard times since an injury has forced a prolonged break from their work. The job isn't as cut and dry as the two think, though, and some pretty heady stuff happens to them on their journey.

I don't want to give anything away, because it might ruin the experience of watching the film, so I'll just say that the direction it takes is completely out of left field, and was a surprise considering the trailer, which would leave you to believe this is a pretty standard assassin film. The acting is amazing in it, and director Ben Wheatley is a master at building an odd and uncomfortable tension as the film moves forward. While I do HIGHLY recommend this film, it is not for those who are averse to onscreen violence. One particular sequence had me covering my eyes because of it graphic violence, and at least one person in the theater I was in got up and left.

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