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Saturday, January 8, 2011

DVD - The Art Of The Steal

The Art of the Steal is a great documentary about the collection of modern and post impressionist art that was assembled by Dr. Albert Barnes, who bought these paintings for pennies on the dollar of what they are worth now. In fact, the collection is so valuable, that almost no one can give an estimate of its worth, and even those who have feel as though any estimation, no matter how high, is still not accurate. Barnes had built a foundation for the study of this art, and set up his own Villa, which was essentially a museum. He had constant problems with the people and the city of Philadelphia, where his foundation was located, and when he died, he specifically wrote in his will that the collection was never to be broken up or loaned to any museum, especially the Philadelphia Museum of Art. After his death, though, everyone was trying to get a piece of the collection, including those who were supposed to be protecting it. The Art of the Steal is an interesting documentary about one mans bitterness and determination, and how some people will go to any lengths to circumvent the wishes of someone, just so they can make money. I enjoyed this documentary a lot.

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