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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Top Whatever

The Documentary Blog has posted a list of its Top 25  Documentary's of all time. It's a pretty good list, though I find it hard to believe that Paradise Lost 2: Revelations is on the list, as opposed to its predecessor Paradise Lost, which I felt was a much better made film. I feel like the second part simply rehashed a lot of the information that was already known, while including a little bit of new info. I also feel like The Up-Series should be higher on the list, as its one of the most important film documents of modern society.

On the other hand Empire Magazine has released its list of the 100 Greatest Characters of all time, which, to me, is proof of why lists like this are completely pointless. When you pick out the most obvious things you can, it sort of ceases to have a point, don't you think?

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