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Monday, December 15, 2008

DVD - Son of Rambow

Son of Rambow is the hilarious story of a young boy, Will, who's family belongs to a sect of the Christian religion, almost Amish like, in England. One day, while sitting in the hall because he's not allowed to watch documentary's with his classmates (TV is apparently considered wrong in his religion, even though they drive cars and use other various forms of modern technology), he meets another young boy, Lee Carter, a trouble maker who quickly begins taking advantage of the young and impressionable Will. Lee Carter doesn't have any friends to speak of, so he soon enlists Will to help him make a film to enter into a BBC contest. Son of Rambow takes place in the 80's, right after the release of First Blood in England, and the boy's, taken by Rambo, decide to make their own Rambo film.

This film was really funny, and a lot of it was because of the perfect chemistry between Will and Lee Carter (played by Bill Millner and Will Poulter respectively). Millner has a perfect innocence about him, and Poulter plays the bully/opportunist very well. Another great part of this film was the graphical work done in it, that helped bring Will's day dreams to life. In this film, we saw Will's thought process in a way that seemed more authentic than anything I've ever seen in a film portraying kids. The script, and direction, by Garth Jennings was great, and I really look forward to seeing whatever is next from him.

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