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Friday, May 30, 2008

Waking up to the sad news

Well, I got word from Greta this morning that she won't be able to be in the film. She wrote me a very nice letter, simply stating that her plate was too full, which I totally understand.

It sucks, though. I had really come to see her as being in this role. But that's the game, isn't it? You pick your "A" team, and hope you get them, but sometimes you just don't. I wish her luck in everything she's doing.



Steve said...

Russell Crowe wasn't the first choice for the lead in Gladiator. That turned out ok.

I know I've meant to put you in touch with a buddy of mine in SA who does a lot of films. But, I read this, and thought that I really needed to do that. He may be able to help you, or let you pick his brain. And if nothing else, the guy knows a lot of actresses. Here's his myspace.

Oddly enough, he actually goes (or has gone) to CBC. If you'd like, I can get in touch with him and see if he'd be willing to talk to you, or go to lunch or something. I'm sure he could find work for you on some of his films. At least put you back in your element.

It doesn't hurt to know people.

Stewart said...

Bring it on. I'd love to meet him.