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Friday, June 14, 2013

Things Change, People Change

When this blog started, it was to stay in touch with someone, so I could share my thoughts and opinions on films and television with them, and exercise my ability to analyze other people's work, in the hopes that it would improve my own. It also was supposed to exist as a record of what I thought about the films I was seeing, at the time I was seeing them.

 I'm not going to do that anymore.

 There are enough people talking about movies on the internet, and, to be honest with you, I'm not adding anything to the conversation. Being a critic is a job. People do this for a living, and they do it much better than I do. I've also felt, for a long time, a growing disinterest in dissecting people's efforts. I will still update this blog on what I'm working on, video's from Vimeo and YouTube that I like, filmmaker information, and maybe promote some things that I like. I'm thinking of still keeping a list of everything I see, and maybe just a simple 5 star rating system. That should suffice as a record of what I thought (at the time) about what I've seen.

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