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Monday, March 5, 2012

DVD - The Changeling

George C. Scott was in a lot of films during his career, and the best thing I can say about The Changeling, is that it was one of them. It's not really a horror film, but rather a murder mystery with supernatural elements to it that moves at the pace of playing a board game with dead people. Even though, in reality, Changeling isn't that slow, it feels slow, like it was a decent Twilight Zone episode that got stretched out into two hours. The film also feels terribly dated, which doesn't help it... I suppose all films that are made in a certain time period end up that way, but this one is one of those films where all of the fashion, the cars, the lighting, and the editing techniques shout "THIS FILM WAS MADE IN THE 70's!!!". Changeling gets a lot of credit for its having influenced so many other directors, and I see where that comes from, but, ultimately, this is one of those movies that network TV used to show on Saturday afternoons and you usually caught it because there was nothing else to do.

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