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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

DVD - The Carter

Lil Wayne is crazy. CRAZY. The Carter is a documentary about him. After watching it, you may find yourself sitting in your chair, staring forward, and wondering if someone could really live like that, and, if so, how long could they possibly survive. Dude is in his mid-twenties and it seems like he's already on the quick road to being a burnout. The Carter is a little disturbing, a little disheartening, and a lot ridiculous. Does he honestly think that not drinking alcohol is a great way to stay healthy considering all of the weed he smokes and the cough syrup he mixes in with soda and drinks? Seriously? And having sex with lots of random women? How long will it be before he catches something? Ultimately, he's living "the dream", but what it really all comes down to, is that this guy who is, supposedly, a genius, may barely make it to tomorrow unless he cleans himself up.

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