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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Edge of Darkness

Oh, Mel Gibson... You've had an interesting road over the last couple of years. You created one of the highest grossing independent films of all time in The Passion of the Christ, then pissed everyone off and lost all of your cred when you freaked out on some Malibu police officers and shot off a bunch of racial slurs about Jews. Now your back, and, apparently, we're supposed to care. I gotta be honest with you, a much better come back would have been some kind of totally BA Mad Max sequel where he's like old and crazy and goes and kills a whole bunch of people and wins all the gasoline in the future. Basically the same plot as all of the other Mad Max films. Hey, stick with what you know.

Edge of Darkness is a remake of an older BBC drama of the same name. In this Americanized version, Gibson plays Thomas Craven, a Boston city police officer who, upon picking up his daughter for a weekend visit, is attacked in his own home, and his daughter is murdered. The murderer yelled out "Craven" before putting two shotgun shells into his daughter and running. Craven vows to find the killer, and why he was being targeted. As he follows the evidence, though, he realizes that the attacker wasn't after him at all, but after his daughter, because she stood to blow the lid off a massive secret at her employer.

Edge of Darkness had a couple of cool moments, but they were overshadowed by the rather glacial pace of the semi-procedural movie. When you watch a Gibson movie, you want to see people get killed and things blow up, and there was just too much of a lack of those things. Also, Gibson's acting was over the top in a lot of places, and some of the stuff that happened in the movie seemed WAY to cliche. All in all, Edge of Darkness is definitely a wait for DVD, or whenever it's on cable.

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