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Monday, July 27, 2009

DVD - Scott Walker: 30 Century Man

Disturbed genius's are always good fodder for documentaries. Two of my favorite music doc's are DiG! which is partly about Anton Newcombe, the musical genius/crazy dude behind Brian Jonestown Massacre, and The Devil and Daniel Johnston about Daniel Johnston, an Austin musician who lost his mind and became an underground sensation. Scott Walker:30 Century Man is no different.

The film explores the career of Scott Walker, a man who has influenced generations of British and American musicians from Bowie to Blur and beyond. Walker started out his career as part of a trio, and grew into a solo recording career, before deciding to completely abandon the public aspects of being a "rock star", and retire to a life of solitude, only occasionally recording and releasing albums. His story is mostly told through reminiscence of those who have known him over the years, though Walker does fill in some of the blanks. While his music shifts between classic pop and stuff that is mildly unlistenable, Walker, himself, is always interesting and strikes you as the kind of person you could easily listen to for hours, if he would even be willing to talk to you.

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