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Monday, February 4, 2008

She... She screams in silence...

That line, from an old Green Day song, gave me an idea this morning. One that may be another film to make with my Bolex.

I sent off my Plus-X test roll last week, and I should be getting it back this week, along with a couple of cartridges of Vision 2 Super 8 film for Steve's wedding (nothing but the best for the Crawford clan!). I'm looking forward to see how the Plus-X turned out, and, if everything is cool, it will be time to start shooting on Indefinable Orbits.

I'm piecing together ideas for Raccoon Head right now, which I am hoping to shoot on and off over the next year/year and a half. I'm trying to make it a comedy, but, it feels like it keeps pushing more towards drama. Since I don't have a script draft, I guess I shouldn't worry too much about it, for now. We'll let it be what it is.

I watched the commentary for Linklater's You Can't Learn To Plow By Reading A Book, and it really got me psyched up to do The Definers on Super 8. I want to take a chance and make the film EXACTLY how I want to make it (of course, sans the professional actors, which I can't afford). But after having listened to Linklater talking about just going out and doing it, and experimenting, and telling the story you want to tell, how you want to tell it, everyone else be damned, it really got me hyped up. I'm gonna take the chance. It's time to start finalizing the script, and do the pre-production on it.

Also, I've made it my goal to finish With/Without and submit it to festivals for the upcoming season. It deserves to have a chance to live outside of the Watkins student screening and a couple of DVD's with rough cuts on them. I've put in the final sound effects that it was missing, and am re-doing the credits, and... I think that's it. It will be ready to go. 

Wish me luck with everything.

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