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Friday, January 11, 2008

Things are coming together

A little while back, I purchased a Reflex Bolex, and some lenses (a 25mm and a 10mm wide angle). Well, the lenses finally came in, and now it's time to start working. I already have two films I'm interested in shooting immediately - Indefinable Orbits and Denial By Fire. Orbits will be first, as I really would like to film it and submit it to festivals. Fire, I'll just have to wait and see on. It's one of those one's where your not really sure how good it's going to be until it's done.

There's also The Definers, my feature length script, which I'm hoping to shoot late this year/early next year. I'm also hoping that some money will turn up for it, but, we'll see. Money or not, it's going to happen.

Here's some pics of the camera. Please take note of the dentist office give-away Sponge Bob toothpaste I used to prop up the camera. Not for any particular reason, mind you, I just think it's funny.

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